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The Collection

Welcome to our fine art collection.  Call or visit to see our new works by Anthony Thieme, Paul Strisik, Marian Sloane, Tod Lindenmuth, Mae Bennett Brown, Marilyn Conover, Reed Kaye, James Gemmill

Below is a partial list of artists whose work we currently have or have had in inventory. Click on the underlined names to see a selection of their paintings, drawings and sculptures. We have added additional inventory to our gallery we are calling, "Fabulous Finds",  more to come.

Daniel Altschuler
Eleanor Arnett
Margaret Ashmead (1856-1918)

Oliver Balf
Rutledge Bate
Gifford Beal (1879-1957)
Reynolds Beal (1866-1951)
Frank Weston Benson (1862-1951)
Sheila Dillard Benzer
Theresa Bernstein (1890-2002)
Johann Berthelsen (1883-1972)
Jody Blagden
Nell Blaine (1922-1996)
Anne Cary Bradley (1884-1956)
Alfred T. Bricher (1837-1908)
Louis A. Burnett (1907-1999)
Edward Burrill (1835-1917)

Bernard Robert Chaet (1924-2012) 
Marilyn Conover
Alfred P. Czerepak (1928-1986)

Laura Davidson
Mauritz De Haas
Walter L. Dean (1854-1912)

J. J. Enneking
Carl Foster

W. T. Gery
Alberta Geyer

Emile Gruppe (1896-1978)
Charles C. Gruppe
C. Gustafson

H. B. Harte
A. T. Hibbard (1886-1972)
Charles Sydney Hopkinson (1869-1962)
William Morris Hunt (1824-1879)
Robert Douglas Hunter
Elizabeth Thayer Huntington

Paul Noble James
Richard Burke Jones

Max Kuehne (1880-1968)
Robert M. Kulicke (1924-2007)
Roger Kuntz (1926-1975)
Frederick Mortimer Lamb
Carole Loiacono
R. Hayley Lever (1876-1958)

G.T. Margeson

Marguerite S. Pearson (1898-1978)
Edward A. Page (1850-1928)
Dorothy Primm (d. 2007)

Edmund Quincy (1903-1997)

Jerri Ricci (1916-1996)
Joseph Rimini
Chauncy F. Ryder

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)
Betty Lou Schlemm
Dennis Sheehan
Harry Spiers (1869-1947)
W. Lester Stevens (1888-1969)
Don Stone
Paul Strisik (1918-1998)
Annie Summers

Edmund Tarbell (1862-1938)
John Terelak
Anthony Thieme (1888-1954)
William Kemp Tilley
John C. Traynor
Blane E. Tufts
David Tutwiler
Line` Tutwiler
Henry Twardzik
Helen Van Wyk
Peter Vincent 
Jeff Weaver
Wesley E. Webber (1839–1914)
Lucette White (1932-2014) 
Pauline Bliss Williams
Charles H. Woodbury (1864-1940)

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